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Common Street Names

Alternative slang drug names
Glossary of drug language

Drug Name Common Street Names
Heroin/Opiates Bundle-(small pocket of heroin), Black tar, China white, D’s(hydromorphone), DOA (dead on arrival), Drillies (hydrinirophone), Dollies (methadone), Dreamers, Drug store dope, H, Hard candy, hard drugs, Horse
Alcohol booze, brew, suds, vino, plonk, spirits, grog, hooch, moonshine
Anabolic Steroids roids, stacking, steroids
Barbiturates/Benzodiazepines yellow (jackets) barbs, blue heavens, down and dirty, downer-nerve pills, lemons, ludes (qualudes), blue bomb, rainbows, goof balls, reds & blues - candy, roofie (rohypnol), peanuts, sleepers, tranks, V's
Cigarettes butts, cancer sticks, cigs, coffin nails, smokes, tumor candy
Cocaine/Amphetamine g-rock, gold dust, Hawaiian salt, hot ice, wake-ups, ice, snow, leapers, uppers, lid poppers, turnaround, meth, tweek, white cross nuggets (crack), peaches, white sugar, peanut butter, pep pills, speckled eggs, rippers, speed, rits, road dope, rock (crack)
Ecstasy Adam, candy flip (one hit), ecstasy, rolling, euphoria, hug drug, GHB (liquid ecstasy), love drug, M&M, MDM, X, XTC
Heroin hot dope, junk, scag, smack, tootsie roll
Inhalents gas, glue, huffer, huffing, laughing gas, pearls (amyl nitrite), poppers (amyl nitrite), sniff
LSD barrels, black acid, blotter, cube, blue cheer, blue heaven, businessman's lunch, California sunshine, domes, dots, electric kool aid, flats, frogs, Heavenly blue, Pink Panthers, Pink Robots, Pink wedges, Purple heart, Special K (Ketamine), Super acid, Superman, trippers, wedges, window pane
Marijuana A-bomb (marijuana and heroin), Acid, Doobie ( in cigarette form), Acapulco Gold, Ace , bhang, black gold, blow a stick, blunt, bong-water, cooled pipe, buds; buddha stick, buddha-(spiked w/opium), Chiba, Colombian (Red Black), ganga, gold, sensa, gong, hash (hashish), hash oil, hemp, weed, Indian, J, Jamaican, jive stick, joint, leaf, Mexican, Panama, Panama gold, Panama Red, pocket rocket, pot, ragweed, reefer, sativa, roach (butt of a marijuana cigarette), rope
Mescaline/Psilocybin Button, Cactus, Magic mushroom, Sacred mushroom, Mesc, mescap, Mushroom (psilocybin), Shrooms ( psilobybin),
Opium/Opiates blacklash, blow a fill, brick, gee gee (pipe), God’s drug, gong, Lop, juice, M (morphine), Miss Emma, morph, poppy,
PCP Hog, Amoeba (magic dust), Angel dust (mist), Animal tranquillizer-peace pill baseball-freebase, Cadillac (peterpan), Cj (red devil), Crystal joint (scuffle), Cyclone (seams), DOA sheet (dead on arrival) blow, Dust, Elephant (super rods), Goon (surfer), Lovely


Glossary of Drug Language

back to back smoking crack after injecting heroin or using heroin after smoking crack.
back-up, backtrack procedure allowing blood into syringe to ensure needle is in vein.
babysitter to be a guide for someone through their first drug experience
Bad trip guide someone through first drug experience
bag quantity of drug purchased in envelope or folded paper
bagging inhale drug from a bag
binge uninterrupted drug use from a bag
blackout amnesia of events while under influence, heavily intoxicated with alcohol and/or other sedative/hypnotic drugs
bombed high or intoxicated on alcohol or drugs
burned out brain or chronic behavioral impairment – as a result of heavy drug use.
channel vein used for injecting drugs.
chasing the dragon inhaling vapor from heroin or cocaine heated on tin foil.
chemicals synthetic drugs
chipping using drugs occasionally
clean abstinent from drugs
cold turkey stop or withdraw abruptly
come down gradual “wearing off” of the effects of a drug
connection making an illicit drug purchase
contact high mild euphoria occurring in non-smokers believed by them to be the result of inhalation of marijuana fumes produced by smokers around them. Actually, the amount of the inhaled during a ‘contact high’ is not enough to be significantly measurable in standard urine toxic screening (Bryan Finkle, Ph.D. Phamacologist-NFL program for Substance of Abuse)
cook prepare powdered opioids or other drugs for injection by dissolving them in water and heating the solution
cop purchase or otherwise obtain drugs
crack house place where crack cocaine is sold or used
crash abrupt abstinence rapid transition from euphoria to depression
cut adulterate or dilute drugs
dealer one who sells drugs
do a line inhale cocaine in form of a narrow line
dope general term for drugs of abuse
goofball combination of drugs- cocaine heroin; amphetamines and barbiturates
habit state of physical dependence.
hookah water pipe used to smoke marijuana
works (kit) paraphermalia used to inject drugs
kiddie dope prescription drugs or look –a- like drugs
lace deliberately adding a substance to a drug to make it more or less potent.
rave large party designed to enhance hallucinogenic experience.
shoot inject a drug intravenously.
shot gun inhaling marijuana smoke forced into ones mouth by another.
skin popping injecting subcutaneously
wired chronically dependent on amphetamines

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