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Sameem Associates, Inc. is one of the premier independent outpatient addiction treatment centers in the Northeast. Staffed by a multidisciplinary group of independently licensed professionals; clinical social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and clinical nurse specialists. Each staff member has a minimum of 18 years post graduate clinical experience treating the addictions. The staff have all been trained in the mental health/psychiatric professions which makes them equally qualified to assess and treat dual diagnosis conditions.

Sameem Associates, Inc. founded and directed by Joan Green and Matt Green is dedicated to quality treatment of addictive disorders. Located in Newton Highlands, MA, and Sharon, MA, the facilities offer several programs:

Adolescent (Teenage) Program Intensive Outpatient Program
Ambulatory Detoxification (Detox) and Maintenance Program Outpatient Detoxification
Anger Management - Adolescent Program/Adult Male Program Professional Athletes Treatment Program
Consultation Programs Psychiatric/Dual-Diagnosis Program
Court Referred (Offenders) Program Testing Clinic
Family Programs  

Ambulatory Detoxification (Detox) and Maintenance Program: Ambulatory Detoxification and Maintenance Program: for patients who are dependent on opioid substances (such as heroin, vicoden, oxycontin, methadone, morphine, perocets, etc), alcohol and benzodiazepines. Initially, a psychiatrist will meet with the patient to assess what is medically necessary to treat withdrawal symptoms. In many cases, for opiate dependent individuals, a prescription medicine called Suboxone will be used. (Suboxone is a tablet that contains 2 medicines. First, buprenorphine – a painkiller that will not get you “high” and stopping the use of this medicine is an easy process. Second, naloxone – a medicine that helps block the effects of opiates). The program then continues with group and individual therapy as well as attendance at 12 step meetings.

Anger Management - Adolescent Program/Adult Male Program: Sameem Associates, Inc offers an anger management program for adolescent and adult males. The program is individually tailored to the patient's needs and woven into other clinical treatments that are available.

Out-patient Detoxification: allows individuals to continue working or going to school while engaging in treatment. Detoxification from heroin, oxycontin, cocaine, alcohol, benzodiazepines, and marijuana among others is common.

Adolescent (Teenage) Program:
allows teens and their parents to participate in evaluating the extent of their substance abuse problem and get appropriate intervention and treatment for that problem.

Court Referred (Offenders) Program:
allows individuals on probation (through the criminal court) opportunities to get treatment for substance abuse problems. Evaluations for those individuals currently incarcerated is also available.

Testing Clinic:
various forms of drug and alcohol testing are administered through the clinic as well as HIV, Hepatitis, Pregnancy and other urinalysis and blood testing.

Family Programs:
various forms of family treatment are offered. After initial assessment, one modality is chosen; for example, fmaily therapy, multi-family groups or Adult Children of Alcoholics.

Psychiatric/Dual-Diagnosis Program:
allows patients to be evaluated for other concurrent psychiatric disorders with the possibility of medication as part of the treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program:
an initial assessment is required as well as a 3-month commitment. Patients will attend therapy sessions 4 times per week-- group, individual and/or medication management (as needed). Also, any drug testing and/or family therapy will be added based on patient needs.

In addition to the team treatment approach at Sameem Associates, Inc. consultation in the addictions is another available service.

Consultation Programs
Sameem Associates has had ongoing consultation contracts, for a number of years with hospitals, clinics, schools, corporations, as well as town and city governments. Some examples of this work include:

A 3 year project establishing a treatment center on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin for the Dutch Antilles Islands - working closely with the Dutch and French governments.

A 2 year project training and consulting to the Boston Police Department on their police department drug policy

Establishing and administering a 24 hour telephone hotline to companies and corporations nationwide -- 500,000+ employees and managers discuss company policy, family problems and or treatment referral. All hotline counselors are either masters or doctoral level clinicians with 18+ years of clinical experience.

Creation of intervention programs and intervention teams in public and private school systems -- 40+ systems in Massachusetts.

Staff members participate in many local as well as national clinical and policy conferences as presenters each year.

The following is a partial list of consultation clients:

  • Alberto Culver
  • American Airlines
  • Arrow Electronics
  • Boston College
  • Boston Police Department
  • Brookline Public Schools
  • Chicago United School District
  • Dutch Government
  • French Government (Caribbean)
  • Home Box Office (HBO)
  • Jewish Community Centers
  • McLean Hospital
  • National Football League
  • Needham Public Schools
  • Newton Public Schools
  • PBS "HealthWeek"
  • Sharon Public Schools
  • Titleist-Footjoy
  • Wayland Public Schools
  • Westwood Public Schools

Professional Athletes Treatment Program

Sameem Associates, Inc., Professional Athletes Treatment Program works with professional athletes who may be suffering from mental health, substance abuse or adjustment and "focus" issues that are affecting their ability to perform. Sameem offers evaluation, individual, group and family treatment as well as dual-diagnosis and medication management when necessary. Individually tailored treatment plans are formulated for each athlete. In addition, nutritional counseling, physical fitness and exercise programs as well as post career vocational counseling are part of the program.

Sameem currently works closely with organizations (e.g., National Football League - Program for Substances of Abuse) to help players fulfill their obligations to their clubs and league officials.

Protection of athletes privacy and confidentiality is always maintained and never compromised at the level of teammates, other professional clubs, or the media. Questions from media or other sources are always referred back to the league.

For more information on this program contact: Matt Green, Director

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