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Sameem Associates, Inc. offers a formal intervention service for families who are concerned about the active alcohol and/or drug abuser in their lives.

Intervention is designed to work with alcoholics and other people suffering from chemical dependency, who deny their problem, and thus the need for professional help. The goal of intervention is to educate individuals (spouses, family, friends, work associates) who are concerned about the disease of addiction and to get the active alcoholic/drug addict and family involved in treatment.

The Intervention process usually involves 2 to 5 sessions with the concerned individuals. The alcoholic/drug addict is told of their family's concern and that they are getting education and counseling about problem drinking and drug use. When the education and counseling sessions are over and the family involvement is scripted and monitored by the intervention professionals, the active alcoholic/drug addict is invited to attend the intervention.

An overview of the process :

1st session: meeting, introducing everyone, hearing concerns
2nd session: further info. gathered, members of the intervention team selected
3rd session: members of the team discuss and write down positive data about the alcoholic/drug abuser
4th session: negative behavior discussed that directly connect to use of alcohol/drugs and scripts are written for members of the team.
5th session: rehearsal for intervention as if the alcoholic/ addict were present.

The intervention process works well when plans have been made for treatment and when the atmosphere during the process is non- judgmental and caring.

For more information or to make an initial appointment call:

Joan Green, LMHC

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